Sam Berardinelli

In Home Active Care Specialist - Certified Kinesiologist with experience in exercise rehabilitative therapy.

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Sam is a true leader in the health and fitness field. He holds a lifetime commitment to a healthy active lifestyle through sports, functional training, ongoing fitness education and personal development. Sam started his academic journey at York University with the Faculty of Health obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences with Honours. He practiced as a Certified Kinesiologist with experience in exercise rehabilitative therapy. He later went on to obtain his Certification in Personal Training with merits from the Certified Personal Trainers Network whereby he passionately practices to this day. Sam’s unique approach blends functional training programs with eastern philosophies such as meditation and yoga. His philosophy embodies the mind + body + soul connection to the individual and their fitness lifestyle program. He also believes in building a strong core foundation with each one of his clients along with positive mindset development in order to help them achieve their goals both physically and mentally.

“I am incredibly grateful to be living my dream. I wake up every morning knowing that I am involved in something I love and believe in whole-heartedly. I meet and work with truly amazing people who desire to actively participate in making changes that will transform their health not for a moment or an occasion, but for life.”

“Where Freedom is a Lifestyle”