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Services offered at HFCRW are covered by third party payers such as Extended Health Benefits, Motor Vehicle Insurance Plans and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). They are not covered under the umbrella of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (with the exception of x-rays which are covered under OHIP. If you do not have coverage through any of the above mentioned providers, this should not be a reason to not seek care at HFCRW. We are committed to providing accessible care to all and will do our best to make our services affordable to your needs. Just give us a call at 416-744-7900 to discuss.

Most of the time you do not have to pay directly. We will try to submit the claim directly or have assignment of benefit authorized to our clinic by you. These specifications are determined by your specific insurance plan which we can help you figure out, just give us a call or walk-in into our office and speak with one of our pleasant administrators to find out more.

You can call your insurance company directly or come into our office and have our administrator call on your behalf to find out exactly the quality and quantity of your coverage. You can also go online or sometimes a benefit booklet is given with the specifications of your plan. Remember even if you coverage is limited we will always do our best to make care accessible to you based on your financial needs.

It depends! Treatment is rendered based on a diagnosis and each diagnosis will require a different amount and type of treatment.To find out exactly how much treatment your specific problem will require just book a free consultation with one of our doctors and they will clarify everything for you.

The prices of products such as Orthotics and TENs machines ranges based on what is determined reasonable and necessary determined by the third party payer. Call to book a free consultation with one of our doctors to find out exactly what the price range is.
This also depends on which service. Give us a call at 416-744-7900 to find out. We also offer discounts for children, seniors, students and low income individuals.